Sunday, October 30, 2011


Just went to a fantastic resort in the country for a couple of days with Mrs. Warpsludge. They served stuff like beet meal with quinoa and fresh mountain trout. And we went for walks in the snowy autumn mountains. So much fun. As we'd taken a holiday package, there were little tykes, all over the place, in Halloween costumes, amazed at the  grandeur of the whole set-up and, I think, happy. They were fun to watch.

I get a cold every ten years and it was unfortunately my ten year due, but I basically ignored it and enjoyed the vacation. I did pop  a lot of  garlic pills and fruit gummy echinacea tablets. They were supposed to have the appearance of strawberries, I think, but looked weird. And this powdery holistic stuff in tubes, that looks like crack-cocaine, but is supposed to be good for fevers. Occasionally a Tylenol.

I don't know if these medicines helped or not, but I was enjoying myself there. I think that helped the most.

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