Wednesday, November 30, 2011


'Thoughts become things Choose the good ones'. Nice quote from Mike Dooley. Sometimes it works for me. Sometimes it doesn't. I've had a rather vivid life and  I can get stuck in it's recesses. even though it's all right now as jumping Jack Flash is fond of chorusing .

Went with the Warpsludge woman to my favorite  restaurant, P.F. Chang's. Enjoyed the food and ambiance. I like the rock songs. I like the mural.  I like the orange lanterns. And I like the food very much. Far better then take out, but still relatively inexpensive, which is good at this point.

I had Singapore Street Noodles--zesty. My wife, Coconut Curry Vegetables--sweet and earthy, I wound up eating half of them. This is Chinese cooking at it's finest. Well probably not it's finest, but awfully good. My only regret is we didn't have enough collateral to go for the garlic spinach, but next time.

Reading that Happy Pocketful of Money book, I've blogged about, with it's new age ideas of quantum theory that would make a physicist weep. Nonetheless, intriguing.

Saw The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time on PBS where I heard about Einstein's idea that the past, present and future are all together at the same time. This really interested me, because I know some hippie didn't make it up. Not that hippies are all together wrong about life, I don't think, but when it comes to scientists, they're not.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Today was OK. Went to work, came home. It was dark, but I didn't mind as much.

Me and the wife listened to a burnt CD of Doreen Virtue's most recent radio show, sometimes making fun of her, but appreciating her nonetheless. A close friend of her's named Michael, (not the archangel), passed on, which is too bad.

After that, I wrote a little of my novel, seem to be writing it consistently a little. It will eventually be a lot.

Then, I went on Chatroulette, with my new video camera/mic, where a number of teenagers insulted me. No one masturbating this time around which made me happy. However, I think I could do better things with my time.

Going to sleep soon. The night calls out to rest. I might play with angel cards or tarot cards in bed awhile by reading light, while Mrs. Warpsludge snores. And dreams--hopefully good ones.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Reading Shatter by Michael Robotham. Fairly tawdry although it pretends not to be.

It's about this guy who forces women to jump off buildings, naked in fancy shoes--the women not the buildings. He does this through psychological torture for he is the master manipulator and a humble English psychiatrist must match wits with this man to stop him.

Very sensitive psychiatrist and the writing attempts to be understated, but you can't fool me! Tawdry! Tawdry! Tawdry!

Also well written and suspenseful.

But isn't that why books suck? They draw you into their morbid little world and then they eat you. Unless they're about fairies or angels, but even the ones about fairies and angels are annoying. Too many spirit guides saying stuff like: I shall wrap thee in a warm blanket of puppies if ye shall follow my goo.

Reading is a stupid habit! Get up go for a walk. Exercise, you lazy fuck. Don't waste your life looking over words like a worm.

Not to be critical, just a suggestion.

Today though, I actually  feel better. I've been getting  the winter blues and snapping at Mrs. Warpsludge somewhat awfully and she hasn't been in such a good mood herself, but now, I'm in control and mellow and feel things will be fine.Perhaps it's the Rainbow Light vitamins I've started taking. Perhaps it's the book I'm writing. Perhaps it's just time and my desire to feel better attracting good feelings. In any case, I don't fully understand why I'm happier, but I'm happy about it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barnes and Noble

Off to Barnes and Noble with the boys. We are the ugly ones who eat and talk loudly and obnoxiously and get fifteen books each to browse over and only occasionally buy one and usually one that's on-sale.

My comrades and I spell the end of bookstores and perhaps the end of western civilization!

I have been known on more then one occasion to pick a book in Barnes and Noble's and order it from Amazon where I can get it for a few pennies less!

Do you hate me?

Listening to a nice 8tracks selection of Celtic music. 8tracks is supposed to have commercials, but I've never heard one. Maybe I don't stick around long enough to hear 'em, but I like the service. And Sound Cloud, but somehow for no logical reason, 8tracks seems personaler. Do they play more folk music and Sound Cloud more techno music?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bruce Lee

Reading Leveraging the Universe by Mikey Dooley. It seems good. He suggests a combination of law of attraction and action--a kind of trust the universe, but do everything you can, anyway. It feels inspiring, but so did Chosing Easy World which apparently lead to nowhere, but Julia Hamrick's junk mail list.

So we shall see what we shall see.

Practicing Taekwondo, although I'm too old. Perhaps I'll get a second dan, before I croak. Meanwhile teenagers leap in the air like Bruce Lee; performing techniques, sparring, forms with a graceful ease I can only hope for in dreams. I don't feel too bad, I'm glad I'm still going.

Doing other things too.

I need sunlight, also more movies with Adam Sandler going to Hawaii, and tarot cards of all descriptions.