Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ask the Angels

Listening to Doreen Virtue, who I like. A woman calls in. She feels motivated to change her life, but  feels  there's something missing. Doreen says one step at a time. She then gets a little annoying with health food. She tells the woman she needs to detox and eat green juices. I don't know if the angels want everyone to be vegetarians and not eat wheat and stuff.  It makes the angels seem a little petty.

On the other hand, I love Doreen Virtue's voice. She seems really nice and comforting, whatever my disagreements.

By the way--reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis about the fall of Wall Street. It amazes me how corrupt and insane the place became, but it sort of amuses me too, like reading a horror novel. The books written in a dark and funny way and although my mathematical skills are lousy, I now almost understand what happened. Not my usual reading stuff, but why should I always do the usual?

 I once went to a hippie camp with Michael Lewis, Jr. We were sort of friends. He played a mean guitar. But I digress. Small world, however. It  hasn't been the first time I've been within six degrees of  a well-known.  Is this important or does it makes me important? I have no idea.

Now a woman on Doreen Virtue's show apparently has earthbound spirits around her, who are afraid they'll be punished if they try to get to Heaven. Doreen Virtue says--convince them to go, because Heaven is 24 hour forgiveness and love. I both believe this and don't. Of course, someday, I'll  find out what's what about the great beyond, as will we all, unless the atheists are correct, you never know.

Crystal stones: creamy calcite. Sounds like cheese.

Now an abused woman's calling. Doreen Virtue says the woman's a survivor and should get back to her professional healing work. She used to work in foreign countries, helping third world people, but gave it up for a  corporate job, because she has two kids to raise. Virtue, the woman, not the quality, tells her she should take her kids and herself, somewhere poor, and get back to it.
Doreen Virtue

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