Monday, October 10, 2011

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

I did some database work today in my office. I'm pretty good with the system, but it's kind of  monotonous. I bought Doreen Virtue's Archangel Michael Oracle Cards and an abundance book called, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, to keep me company. Even though I didn't look at them, just having them on my desk made the time go better. I know the oracle cards are good. I can't speak for the book, except I like the cover.

Unfortunately, it does have a blurb from Joe Vitale, who I find quite self-centered and stupid, as in a sincerely stupid-brained person, probably means I'm like him and he's my shadow side or something.

Anyway, despite the Vitale quote, the book seems interesting. The author is from Mombasa! It's another law of attraction treatise, nothing new, but it seems to be phrased in an interesting way. We shall see what we shall see!  

Also . . . . .  had fun with a child-like friend today. Good weather. Blue sky.

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