Thursday, October 13, 2011


Rainy day. I hate it. It's cold and I feel kind of fevery, even though I'm not. Nice green tea in the refrigerator and I think one more Coke. So that amuses me. Legs hurt from my martial arts class.

Mystic Dreamers' Tarot
Archangel Michael cards are nice. I want more tarot and oracles. I want more and more. I can't get enough. As soon as I have one, I want another, must have over a hundred. Some of the images are beautiful. Some of the images are insta-decks.

Lo Scarabeo is particularly guilty of these, lately--think of a high concept and churn a deck out quicker then a mass market comic book, looks like each card was done in a half hour by a harried commercial artist, between childrens' candy bar ads. Some of them are nice for a minute, but it's no way to make a long-lasting, spiritual deck.

I know every one can't be a masterpiece, but some of these babies look worse then elementary school holiday posters. I'm thinking particularly of The Wheel of the Year Tarot, but the  Lucy Lescott Tarot and the Law of Attraction Tarot, though  more competently crafted, aren't particularly inspiring either.

Then, there are decks like The Silver Era Tarot--a romantic black and white photo tarot with touches of interesting color, that someone actually bothered with, where you get your money's worth or The Gaian Tarot which took the artist about ten years to do and looks it, and you get about ten times your money's worth!

Or something like the previously mentioned Tarot of the Vampyes which is so much fun, who cares how long it took, but I have a feeling it wasn't overnight! And the beautiful Ciro Marchetti  decks and the magical, moody Mystic Dreamers' Tarot which lives up to its lofty name. Or something like the wonderfully crazy Deviant Moon Tarot.

A lot of good cards have come out.

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