Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch looks like god with white long hair and a beard, but he is very boring. At least as an interview subject on Healing with the Masters. He has a monotonish chuckle-head voice and goes on about the world needing a new story to tell itself and how everyone should be happy and blah blah. I lost track of what he was saying. It didn't seem important or if it was important, he said it in such an unimportant way it put me to sleep.

However, it is of interest he looks like god, (except for the rimless eyewear), and wrote Conversations with God--so at appearance, it seems to be a book of  him having conversations with himself.

I do think of god having a more expressive voice, though.

Also, he may not look like the traditional old man with the white beard and stuff, so who knows? But I doubt he looks like Justin Bieber. I guess he could. He could look like anything, probably doesn't have a physical body, but that's confusing. What the heck would that look like? Maybe he's just love and light. You can see light, but you can't see love.

Lakshmi's birthday's tonight and that makes me happy.

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