Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barnes and Noble

Off to Barnes and Noble with the boys. We are the ugly ones who eat and talk loudly and obnoxiously and get fifteen books each to browse over and only occasionally buy one and usually one that's on-sale.

My comrades and I spell the end of bookstores and perhaps the end of western civilization!

I have been known on more then one occasion to pick a book in Barnes and Noble's and order it from Amazon where I can get it for a few pennies less!

Do you hate me?

Listening to a nice 8tracks selection of Celtic music. 8tracks is supposed to have commercials, but I've never heard one. Maybe I don't stick around long enough to hear 'em, but I like the service. And Sound Cloud, but somehow for no logical reason, 8tracks seems personaler. Do they play more folk music and Sound Cloud more techno music?

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